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5 that both mandates the use of what’s called Navigation Warfare, or Navwar, and provides guidelines for the Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) tools used in Navwar—including the possibility of technologies other than GPS. 484-425 BC) show that by this time ramming tactics had evolved among the Greeks. The only other 1/1200 ship that I've ever put together is a Navwar Napoleonic battleship. This is a set of rules for mass naval combat in the ancient world, and as such each player will need a fleet of 15 - 20 galleys. 16. I trimmed down the tripod masts and added pole masts of  Dec 11, 2011 Ancient naval warfare with galleys : Card model ships and wargame rules a lead one which, I think, is a Navwar 1/1200(theoretically) trireme. Navwar Renaissance Galley 1/1200 models pewter castings Crude sculpts Navwar Ancient Galley 1/1200 models pewter castings Also includes Viking and Saxon long ships. In the UK Skytrex and Navwar pioneered the "micro scale" with extensive  Be the hero of your next picnic! With facilities that include playgrounds, barbecue grills, picnic tables, ample parking, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, . May 16, 2019 Ah yes, I also have some Navwar galleys under mum's house in Oz … must resurrect them when I am back next. The Nikephorean Byzantine army covers the period from the ascension of Emperor Nikephorus II Phocus (aka the Pale Death of the Saracens) in 963, to the ascension of Constantine IX, who instituted a number of cost cutting measures, in 1041. As a result I now have the Siamese, Dutch and elements of the Soviet Navy to paint along some what if Germans, such as the H44 class! The global Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures components and system solutions for electrical and optical transportation of data and energy. Tumbling Dice Renaissance Galley 1/2400 models pewter castings Galleys in the Spanish Armada range, enough types to do Lepanto. 17. Generally less popular than wargames set on land, naval wargaming nevertheless enjoys a degree of support around the world. Galleys were used for purely ceremonial purposes by many rulers and states. 00 AGS-3 Hellenistic Hepteres x1 3 $4. 1:1200 SCALE - ANCIENT GALLEYS, Victory at Sea - Scenario & Fleet Lists. I WILL finish it some day! Reply Delete I recently paid a flying visit to Joy of Six, kids and the Boss in tow so I didn't stay as long as I had wanted, but still managed to spend a reasonable amount of cash and look over some stuff I'd had my eye on, the tables needed a good couple of hours to thoroughly take in, so unfortunately I didn't get to see them properly. The historical figures inventory covers all pre-20th century figures. It was a fear that I would have to spend time producing content to pad it out but that has not been the case. Ancient naval warfare with galleys : Card model ships and wargame rules and the historical and archaeological background for their development. (Fleets may be expanded using the   5 October 1999, added Navwar. 19 January 1999, added C-in-C. Below are a few pictures of my 1:1200 renaissance galleys from a game played in March 2005. Capitana Written for the NLWG 2009 participation convention game, Capitana had to be simple enough for complete strangers to sit down and play immediately without sacrificing period feel. Ships and buildings for the Napoleonic, Ancient and American Civil War period. I know this cutoff is pretty arbitrary, but I had to make some choice. Records of the Persian Wars in the early 5th century BC by the Ancient historian Herodotus (c. Von Fahnestock Flags (6mm and 10mm Special order, 15mm and 25mm Napoleonic Swedish) Cotton Jim Flags (15 and 25mm Danish and Swedish Napoleonic) Rofur Flags (1:72 Danish & Swedish Napoleonic) Skytrex also manufacture buildings and accessories for Model Railways. Model ships are built by hobbyists, just as normal miniature terrain, such as "great ships" of Pelargir, cogs of Dol Amroth and Corsairs of Umbar galleys. See Navwar Pre 1941 German merchant ships. They joined the massive painting backlog I've accumulated (but then  More Navwar galleys - medium sized (7's I think). Generally less In the UK Skytrex and Navwar pioneered the "micro scale" with extensive . 16th century mediterranean galley rules (navwar) £1. In support of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) efforts we provide: 1. Nov 17, 2014 Since the last time I posted, 48 galleys and 8 galiots arrived from Navwar. 00 armies and enemies of the crusades 1096-1271 £12. Galleys had from an early stage been commanded by the leaders of land forces, and fought with tactics adapted from land warfare. . And the “greyhounds of the sea” can really shift when needs be. Each contains 12 packs (approximately 22 vessels) of navwar's 1:1200th scale white metal ship models and painting guide. Renaissance Galleys. In the UK Skytrex and Navwar pioneered the "micro scale" with extensive ranges of ships from pre-dreadnought ironclads to modern vessels in 1/3000. The discovery of a number of (still bagged) 1/1200 scale Navwar ancient galleys recently reminded me that already had some painted examples. Slightly intimidated by Navwar's "archaic" ordering process, I took the plunge by ordering Greek and Ottoman fleets. Both historical and fantasy rulesets are available. C and GHQ followed with slightly larger and more detailed models in 1/2. 60 ancient naval rules (navwar) £3. As well as the galleys, I acquired some 14 carracks and caravels, and 20+ bergantinas to ferry troops around the fleets. 00 We are closing out our selection of 1/1200 Navwar Warships. Crude sculpts. Painted; 8 officers (can be used as hoplites) 6 musicians (pipe) 67 hoplites There has also been a diversification in scales. 1/1200 scale unpainted white metal waterline models from the Navwar Ancient Galleys range produced by Navwar Productions Ltd. NEAT™ NAVWAR ELECTRONIC ATTACK TRAINER NEAT is a small hand-held GPS jammer developed to train allied forces to recognize and adapt to GPS jamming. Links related to 1/1200 or 1/1250 scale: Message Boards and News-Groups. link. Navigation - Overview. In early modern Europe, galleys enjoyed a level of prestige that sailing vessels did not enjoy. I have found several blogs with battle reports, book reviews, and information on different manufacturers. There are also rules covering ramming, close combat and morale. The ships used are 1/3000 scale from Navwar and General Quarters 3 rules used. I considered the Zvezda 1/300 ships, the Triton 1/600 ships from Skytrex, and the Tumbling Dice 1/2400. Mankind has fought battles on the sea for more than 3,000 years. Many thanks to those who have contributed articles for AGB. Metal castings? Mostly small ships, but nicely painted. Navwar also does Chinese junks, if you're interested in pulling together a Cathayan fleet, or you just want an interesting foreign merchant ship on the table. Navigation satellites were one of the earliest military applications of space technology, and among the most useful to military forces on Earth. Global sea trade routes have always been a vital strategic concern for nations but even in the interior of large landmasses, transportation prior to the advent of extensive railroads was dependent upon rivers and other navigable I have one home brew rule set idea that I keep starting and then going no where with, in part because there is no pressure to wrap it u - a set of rules for naval combat with 15 mm Renaissance Galleys. Part of the fleet consisted of Genoese galleys serving as mercenaries under the command of Barbavera. Yes, there is a description of the ship types too, but all far too brief for the Byzantine naval enthusiast. Napoleonic Ships. in 1:1200 and even a Mycenean galley in 15mm. 50 for 2 triremes), and are smaller models. Duchy of Clove-Hamhock, Iranistan, and others More expensive than Navwar 1/1200 ships. Players simultaneously decide about movement, then each ship can fire. On the right is a delivery of 1/3000 ships from Davco. ::: : 1:1200 SCALE - ANCIENT GALLEYS. There has also been a diversification in scales. The rigging of these ships will be the hard part for me to overcome! Which is the rationale behind a Defense Department instruction issued Feb. ebay. 5 or 7mm to the foot. So far I have a few C-in-C aircraft in hand and painted, as well as two Goblintooth aircraft that came with my copy of Hostile Aircraft. 1 December 1998, Mercator ancients not in production. 1/3600th Ancient Galleys from Outpost Wargames So, just when I thought it was safe to relax and look forward to progressing with my regular projects, my butterfly mind once more caught me out and sent me winging my way in the direction of something new. I will also admit to an interest in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95 as well as these were the last real naval battles of the pre-Dreadnought period (OK, so there was the First Balkan War of 1912-13 as well and the poor performance of the Turkish fleet there but I would still set the RJW as the Cogs, Carracks and Galleys Another element of the lead pile reduction exercise conducted last week was finishing off a few Navwar 1/1200 naval models. - Cross Hall Galley on Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) has been awarded the Captain Edward F. Couldn't find and decent siege engines but luckily one of my neighbours have a 3 printer so i have made sige tower and trebuchet, but haven't decided which one i will usse. My main source will be Navwar/Heroic and Ros, although they've just changed ownership so I'll wait till that settles down. In the US Cin. 50 $2. Code - AGS01 Welcome to Navwar, Welcome to Navwar's web site. In the US CinC and GHQ followed with slightly larger and more detailed models in 1/2400. Featured Products. The model is supplied with three separately cast sails. Previous, Home, Next. navwar. LikeLiked by 1 person. I haven’t yet committed to build up a fleet, but I did get some Renaissance galleys from Navwar, which might do double duty as Orc ships if I can convince anybody to play the excellent Galleys & Galleons… And my final product shows that I haven’t completely lost my sense, as it leads back to my perennial obsession. Speaking of 1/3000 fleets those good people at Navwar have tempted with me with more of their fine ships. 00 wrg publications armies of the dark ages £12. 50 salamis ad actium (a & a game engineering) galley rules £8. I'll fill things in with C-in-C, Irregular, and Skytrex. Have not looked at it for some time though, but maybe next year. Collectors meetings are now regularly held in Britain and the I'm currently rereading Bryan Perrett's 'Gunboat: Small Ships At War', and it has numerous accounts of small actions involving Royal Naval gunboats fighting pirates and other ne'er-do-wells around the world. Below are a few pictures of my 1:1200 renaissance galleys from a game played in I built the NavWar models first since although they are not as nice they are  Naval wargaming is a branch of the wider hobby of miniature wargaming. . WW1 Ships, Flying Boats & Floatplanes. Regularly visited by a lot of knowledgeable collectors. The one downside to these models would be the masts, which are thin and damn near impossible to straighten up all the way. co. Global sea trade routes have always been a vital strategic concern for nations but even in the interior of large landmasses, transportation prior to the advent of extensive railroads was dependent upon rivers and other navigable RSFP1 RENAISSANCE NAVAL STARTER PACK Each pack contains 12 packs (19 vessels) of navwar's 1:1200th scale white metal miniature ship models. 50 a boat) Langton models. Corvus Ancient Naval Rules and Cardstock Galleys For the past couple of weeks I have been investigating different rule sets for ancient naval warfare. Our On the left are my first 1/600 planes from Tumbling Dice. The award is presented to both ship- and shore-based galleys and messes who receive a five-star rating from an evaluation team sent out to Galleys & Galleons Review (for example a “full broadside” in Galleys and Galleons is the equivalent orders immediately went off to Navwar and Langton for I shared these in a previous post, but I took some more pictures and painted some more figs so I thought I'd update you on my progress! I really like these elves from North Star UK designed for the upcoming game "Oathmark". I built the NavWar models first since although they are not as nice they are inexpensive. We help many of the world's leading companies stay in the lead by consistently delivering OEM navigation products recognised for their technical innovation, unsurpassed quality and industry-leading customer support. Click Here to view 1:1200th scale ships overview. Navy Food Service Management Three (FSM3) Deployment Team, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP): for the delivery of a much-needed upgrade to the FSM System for all Navy galleys. This is galley warfare in the fifteen hundreds, Christians v Turks. Apr 14, 2013 The ships delivered into my care were from the Navwar range. Ships, Galleys and smaller vessels. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. , Essex, UK. Galleys and the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty both feature in this month’s AGB. Fairborn, OH : Composite Materials Quality & Airworthiness Expert - Composite Materials Quality & Airworthiness Expert. Each of your Ships at the end of the game that are still capable of movement are permitted to Tow 1 of your own derelict’s off the table (the owning player chooses in which order his/her derelicts are Towed) – this is a free action and does not require you to actually move the Ships involved, simply remove a derelict for each of your still moving Ships. I also have some models by Langton which are truely impressive sculpting jobs. I put them next to each other and was blown away by the disparity in size. Wargame Vault is the largest wargame download store. NAVWAR - What does NAVWAR stand for? The Free Dictionary Xyston Minatures : 1/600th Scale Galleys - 1/600th Scale Galleys 15mm Ancients By Category 28mm Historical Personalities 15mm Ancients Full Listing Painted Items ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping, store 1/1200 Ancient Galleys AGS-1 Greek Triremes x2 3 $4. Navwar's Viking longships are tiny in 1/1200, much smaller than the MoW Norse Longships, but they could work as a squadron of smaller ships. The company used to be part of Navwar but has now become an entity unto itself. - Last updated 20 July 2019 Our new December 2018 Price List is now available and the new prices will come into effect on 1 December 2018</p> *****<p>PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SHOP WILL BE CLOSED ON SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER ALL DAY FOR THE ONE DAY ONLY, REOPENING ON SATURDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER </p> <p>In order to keep our Postage and Packing Richard, The two do not mix well. The model measures approximately 46mm long x 25mm wide (including oars). While I was back in Australia visiting mother, I thought it would be a good idea to buy some more ships. Here is a pic: Around the 8th century BC, ramming began to be employed as war galleys were equipped with heavy bronze rams. Plastic kits in 1/600 and 1/700 became widely available. The Langtons are considerably more detailed, and the Navwar tend to be bigger. I took the time to do rigging with thread , and would have done the same with the galleon, only I wimped out because it is so small. I find myself scratch building replacement masts for every ship model manufacturer except Rod Langton's ships. Like Liked by 1 person. These were bought already painted and as it turns out are the rather expensive (£2. The Grand Vizier used his personal irregular force of 10,000 Kirjalis to suppress the Janissaries and installed Selims new troops as battalions called Nizam-i Cedit that were initially associated with te Bostanji Imperial Guard. Jose Detilleux Mostly resin castings Many painted-on details. Welcome to Waterloo Minis. Now if anyone has any Rod Langton galleys laying about in the slips that  In the UK Skytrex and Navwar pioneered the "micro scale" with extensive . Overall dependable specimens and when building large fleets, cost effective. Ancient Galleys. For our launch party, my amazing wife made a "mimic" cake. The FSM3 team successfully delivered and activated FSM3 throughout fleet and ashore galleys. OK, I Understand 1/600th Ancient Galleys 1/600th Renaissance Galleys 1/600th Spanish Armada Seastrike 1/700th scale ships 1/700th Fast Attack Israeli 1/700th Fast Attack Egyptian 1/700th Fast Attack Russian 1/700th Fast Attack Rules Royal Navy Submarines Decals Special postal rates for Decals 15mm (1/100th scale) Decals 15mm (1/100th scale) WW11 GROTON, Conn. 16TH CENTURY MEDITERRANEAN GALLEY RULES (NAVWAR) · Battle Packs · BATTLE OF JUTLAND - June 1916 · BATTLE OF MATAPAN - March 1941. Everything here is in 28mm unless otherwise specified. Heroics and Ros 6mm WWII Infantry; Ancient Roman Army It was under the command of Hue Quiret, Admiral of France, and of Constable Nicholas Bhuchet, who had been one of the kings Treasurers, and was probably a lawyer. They're actually somewhat more expensive than Navwar, though (2. AGS04 Greek Penteconter – one of the smaller of the Greek fighting ships. I always planned to tackle the galleys of the 16th century at some point and so following the ancients would seem logical. I will shortly paint a few up before I decide to stick with these or return to Navwar. Of course, close up, they seem a bit lacking but there is enough detail to figure out who is who. So I felt inspired to set up a suitable 'Galleys & Galleons' game. Historical Figures Inventory. Not modern warships, not World War II, World War I or Russian Japanese War. Oct 12, 2015 Sea battles in the ancient period was the age of galley warfare. I chose Navwar over Langton miniatures mainly on grounds of cost. Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter went live today for the Founder's pack members. 00 The discovery of a number of (still bagged) 1/1200 scale Navwar ancient galleys recently reminded me that already had some painted examples. Galleys & Galleons, part 2 After a multitude of delays, from holidays to a pronounced avoidance of the painting table, a small measure of progress has been made. This fast paced, highly tactical ruleset set in the 17th Century Caribbean during the age of piracy, can be played on your average kitchen table in about 2 hours and is sure to appeal to both casual and competitive players. Navy Food Service Management Three (FSM3) Deployment Team, Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP): for the delivery of a much-needed upgrade to the FSM system for all Navy galleys. mere two galleys surviving in the Morea in 1460. Flags. Being a bit of a stinge I didn't want to invest too much into what would be a bit of a niche, so I settled on 1/1200. I have always been fascinated by both the Balkans War, as well as pre-dreadnought naval warfare. Summary: Responsible for collaborating with Government employees to conduct NAVWAR and cyber ris. Click Here to view 1:1200th scale ships  Description - 3MR3 LARGE GALLEY – BASTARDA Large Galleys were more often seen in the Ottoman fleets than the Christian fleets although both sides made  Welcome to Navwar, Welcome to Navwar's web site. This is not helped by the fact the General Quarters 3 boys keep releasing supplements for their rules. Seapower (Navwar) CONFLICT! Varied pre-1865 warships going back to ancient galleys Produced by Navwar Fairly basic wargame models. I was going to suggest the Tumbling Dice 1/2400 galleys – I have some and they are pretty good minis. Navwar 1:3000 Navwar 1:1200 Langton 1:1200 Triton 1:1200 Figurehead 1:2400 . Armada Range. uk Renaissance Galleys My Miniatures Armies. The text deals efficiently with the manning of the fleets, the early ie1260-1290AD operations and then what proved to be the beginning of the decline. Anglo-Dutch naval, part 1 This is the start of my newest naval project; just a pair of ships but I find it to be very daunting. Historic naval models, buildings and fortifications for wargamers and modellers. Navwar galleys - 1 NAVWAR is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. Ensia is powered by the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment and is a member of the Institute for Nonprofit News and the Solutions Journalism Network. It was either Navwar or Valiant, but I saw that Valiant were having a sale and my decision was made. Points aside, Galleys and Galleons plays fast and furious, offers interesting decisions to be made, handles the wind aspects of age of sail wargaming in a relatively simple and satisfying manner, and can be used for Hollywood high fantasy or historical games according to your tastes. For boats i thinking of using NAVWAR mediveal galleys and viking longships. I'm currently working on a review of the recently released Poseidon's Warriors, written by John Lambshead and published by Osprey Publishing. The miniature ships cover Biblical, Medieval, Renaissance, Age of Reason, Revolutionary War, Napoleonic Wars, Age of Rifles, World War 1, World War 2 Navwar is a venerable member of the wargaming community. GHQ's masts are featureless, soft and flimsy; Davco's are as flimsy as GHQ masts but are as detailed as Langton's; Navwar masts are featurless and run from relatively stiff to extremely flimsy, but the sails are so bad and yardless that even with sturdy masts I would still want to My plan is for a Holy League force (Venetian, Spanish, Papal and Genoese) of around 34 galleys against a Turkish/Barbary force of 33 galleys plus about 20 galiots. Implementation of FSM3 eliminated five outdated applications and reduced NAVSUP costs by more than $400,000 per year. War of the Roses at Nashcon 2018 - Me and my friend Titch run this game every year. such as "great ships" of Pelargir, cogs of Dol Amroth and Corsairs of Umbar galleys. FREE Promo Unit and Rules There has also been a diversification in scales. - Last updated 20 July 2019 Our new December 2018 Price List is now available and the new prices will  Dutch Wars to Seven Year War Vessels · Armada Vessels · Renaissance Vessels · Ancient Galleys · American Civil War Vessels · Harbour Pieces. The first sighting of Graf Spee was at a little over 20,000 yards, which at 1cm = 100 yards was just a little longer than the 6' (180cm) table I had planned to use. With provision for remote operation, NEAT provides advanced capability in an easy to use package. Ney Award for large base galleys, 2018. Have some old Navwar galleys and stuff and a lot of WW2 1/4800 Mick Yarrow Stuff. Hoplite Greek. The ships delivered into my care were from the Navwar range. Plastic kits in 1/6. It is a year since I took on the production of All Guns Blazing. Nice ice-breakers, but very This commentary originally appeared on Ensia. New, used, and Out-of-Print. They are easy to paint since there is not much detail to worry about. This shop may not be around much longer; the owner is in his 80s and scaling back. Naval wargaming is a branch of the wider hobby of miniature wargaming. Hopefully he'll sell the molds and masters to someone else to carry on when he's done. Blood & Plunder Rulebook features an innovative initiative system with simple and intuitive rules. This dissuaded me from trying to mount any rigging or larger flags. Not bad to say that I bought the lot (20 painted and 20 part-painted) for £15 about 10 years ago! Civil Datalink Engineer - Top Secret - PDS Tech, Inc. For me then, this is not a new project, just the extension of an existing one! All the best, DC 26 April 2013 at 14:23 Ships We have a huge range of ships from Hallmark in 1:6000 and 1:1200, GHQ in 1:2400, floating aircraft and deck cargo from Cap Aero and 617 Sqn. Shop at Noble Knight Games for Full Inventory products from NavWar. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the Cookies Policy. Some of my Navwar vessels could be better and I therefore picked a few Davco to see how they compare. is seeking an Civil Datalink Engineer in in Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. Footer Image. In the UK Skytrex and Navwar pioneered the "micro scale" with extensive ranges of ships from pre- dreadnought ironclads to modern vessels in 1/3. Our most extensive range is of British O Gauge products, which is 1/43. Another new release from LFG, "Ad Mare Bellum" (AMB) uses the system developed for "Lord of the Sea" and "Cannon, Cross and Crescent" to give quick playing set of Ancient naval rules covering the period 2000BC to 900AD, They are aimed at small and medium sized games with up to 30 or so ships a side to be completed in a couple of hours or less. Highly recommended; Schiffsminiaturen quite new Yahoo!-group in german language. 40 Pounds for 2 triremes vs 1. The models pictured here are by NavWar. Dec 2, 2018 16. Navwar AGS 10: roman battleship as in Antonius fleet Navwar AGS 12: hellenistic battleship Hexadeceres (16) Navwar RS 2: Galeas (Renaissance) Navwar RS 5: large galley (Renaissance) Navwar RS 4 & RS 6: small galley (front) and Lanterna (back) Navwar RS 7: galley (Renaissance) Triton (or Davco) from Skytrex NS 70: These are two 18th century galleys. I'm getting quite a collection of medieval models now, what with the ships I have from Outpost, Ral Partha Europe and Games Workshop. It is a 12-page booklet describing the rules for a naval battle, intended to use with Navwar's miniatures. Navwar 1/1200 galleys - big ones. Shop at Noble Knight Games for Ancient Galleys (1:1200) by - part of our Full Inventory collection. It's hard to tell in the photo, but the cake is full on treasure chest size- and fed over a 100 people! A revival of interest in the hobby in the US and Britain has resulted in a greatly expanded market and has stimulated new production lines, many of them outside of Germany: SARATOGA, MOUNTFORD, CALIFORNIA, PIERHEAD, HOBBY BOSS, SCHERBAK, ATLAS, LANGTON and ARROWHEAD among others. Your source for the very best in 1/1200 scale fighting sail. 20 August 1999, added 1/3600 scale. Some wartime varients. It's possible to use it for actions outside of the period as well; the rules includes some ancient galley stats, and there are some fantasy elements included too. 1 Lanterna (flagship), 1 Large Galley, 1 Galleass, 4 Galleys, 8 Small Galleys and 4 Bergantinas (despatch vessels). One of my favourite periods of Military History is the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 (RJW). Galleys and Galleons covers small naval actions in the Age of Discovery, concentrating on the 16th and 17th century, and with up to six ships per player being the norm. Accurate WWI and WWII ships and planes you can use with almost any rules set. AGS20 Greek 12-bank ship. Unpainted and unassembled. Each ship has maximum movement, fighting value and armament. NovAtel provides robust and high-precision OEM navigation equipment. Santissima Trinidad (140) ‘at quarters’ Excellent for your tabletop naval warfare games. For example, I use a few of their small galleys as large galleys with my Langton fleet. uk tel 0208 590 6731, address 11 Electric Parade, Seven Kings Road, Seven Kings,  Jun 6, 2010 The Navwar mini appears to be the WW2 version, also known as Yakov Sverdlov. This is a project that we have been slowly working on since 1999. There are also a number of side view images of galleys on the internet Wargame Vault is the largest wargame download store. Navwar is a great place for ships in uk www. Although I'm mainly an ancients gamer, Gettysburg is probably my favourite battle, and with some time off for Golden Week in Japan I decided to set up my copy of Thunder at the Crossroads from the Gamers for a little run through of the first day's events. 1250 Scale Message Board This message board (part of "Steelnavy") is the first stop for any questions. Dutch Wars to Seven Years War Vessels 16. Greek Trireme x 2 . The only complete range for these ships in either 1/2400 or 1/3000 that I am aware of is Navwar's. navwar galleys

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