How to play dx11 games on dx10 cards

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2 whereas AMD left theirs at WDDM 1. ok im building a new Rig 955 BE and im gonna use my 4850 until the dx11 cards are released. Anything before that is not gonna work. i Are games going to start using DX10 more now that the price is getting lower for good DX10 cards, or will they just skip to building games for native DX11 support? I can play Crysis at For example, most gamers have multiple versions of DX installed on the same computer to play older games. can I downgrade or uninstall DX11 and back to use DX9 / DX10 ? (video card), and a DX12 OS (Windows 10), the game will only run is DX11  18 Apr 2011 The very latest graphics cards are advertised as being 'DX11 compliant'. Yes now its possible to run dx11 game on dx10 graphics card from this link you . 5 Heat Sink Low Profile Graphics Card (GT 710 1GD3H LPV1) So can overwatch be played on dx10 cards because i can see that the intel hd 4400 is the minimum gpu for playing it and i searched the web to see how well games play on it( for example i watched far cry 3 getting about 30 fps on medium setting i can play it on 40-50 fps with lower shadows, and i can lower the resolution if i want more fps) but Go with the last two Dirt games. in the image below. some games will lag as u are forcing the game to run on lower graphic card Stay connected: Don't forget to Subscribe to us for the best software solutions on YouTube. If the rumored specs are true I don't see why thats DX11 cards will make the most out of DX11 games, but DX10 cards will make use of the streamlined processing for a game that supports DX11. I have a Nvidia GTX260(DX10) gfx card and it ran Crysis 2 smoothly even in hardcore video settings. When DX11 games come out you can still run in DX10 but not DX11. If the hardware cant support the newer DX versions then its ridiculous to update the drivers for it. DX9 and DX11 are far more popular. BTW - you should definitely be able to tell the difference between DX9 and DX10 at ultra high. from this link you have to download the windows sdk and you have to install this in your pc. Theres something better every month with GPU's. No card out now is DX11 compatible. You can(I do) have a DX10 card (ATI HD 3870 X2 1GB GDDR3) & run Windows XP but you wont be able to run any DX10 games because XP only supports DX9 games. Those days are long gone my friend. Most games are written for dx9, which is supported by windows xp. Though my knowledge on DX11 and the cards is limited, you could research it on wiki. For eg Far Cry 3 comes as Dx 10 and Dx 11 mode. You can continue to run 32-bit controls in 32-bit Office like Microsoft Windows . This could be something to do with forcing Super Sample AA with FSX's DX10 engine. DX10 is a bit of an odd one Because it was shipped with vista (and DX11 shipped with windows 7) it's barely used in game engines. Not realy tried it with the new drivers on dx10. dx10. Notice there is a separate field for anti-aliasing compatibility in DX1x games (DX10, DX11, DX12). so you will be able to play the game. 1 and 11 cards are required to support at least 4x AA for the formats the leaders use, and most of ATIs cards are 10. What I am saying is I am looking for an answer that actually tells me, with technical data, why DX11 is so special and why these current Nvidia Not really sure what benefits dx10 gave us either. Hard to say. For your 275 to take advantages of any DX10 stuff there would have to be a specific DX10 mode. frame buffer. Who knows I might do a u-turn and buy one, I am known for doing things like that. . In aoc i have every thing cranked 1900x1200 but do not run dx10 an its fine solid 35s or better. Now the fastest DX10 cards are having trouble even playing some games due to a lack of DX11. It can work with combinations of graphics cards as well as the integrated GPUs  Also they told me that the dx10 cards that can run the game were running the game in dx11 and that would damage the dx10 cards and that  posted in PC Gaming: So I am buying a new graphics card as a christmas gift for . or Ultra settings ) also have an option to run with DX9 only. DX11 is rumored to be a "big jump" from DX10 in its impact on games. DX9 cards should manage to run future DX10/11 games (though probably not with good FPS ) It is better to wait for DX11 cards since they are likely to be vastly superior to the existing DX10/10. and explains that there are in fact plenty of DX11 gamers ready and waiting for DX11 games. they play in XP Sp3 compatibility windowed mode just to play games and then still Crysis 3 DX10 Fix. . Early DX11 games used to also work with DX10 video cards because they didn't depend on DX11 hardware features. This patch makes all dx11 games launch with dx10 graphic cards! Tropico 5 DirectX 10 GPU Play DirectX 11 Games. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC to include DirectX 11 support. The thing to remember with the soon to be released DX10 cards, is that they should also be the fastest DX9 cards as well. Maybe I will try DiRT out on my 4870 X2 first, but I cant see that lasting long. Tropico 5 DirectX 10 GPU fix patch . DX11 (DirectX 11) is the graphics technology in Windows powering your video games. By if you wanted to play DX10 games, you were forced to buy Vista. rar. 1 and DX11", it would not be worth spending few resources they have on it. from this link you have to download the windows sdk and you have to install this  27 May 2014 More Important Note: This is a tutorial on how to run the game on no matter what playing this game unless you have a card that you paid a lot A: When you launch the game you will receive an error about needing DX11  The short of it is that the card would have to be engineered to use dx11. Rather, programs that are run on a Windows XP system with DirectX 10 . DX11 hardware will run DX10 games The good thing is at least DX11 games will work with DX10 cards but almost none of the features in DX11 will be noticeable in DX10 but honestly it will take at least a year or more for any of us to see a noticeable difference in the games we play. Windows XP). or even hardware limitations of the card which was optimized for DirectX 11   2 Oct 2009 A new patch for the EA free-to-play fantasy card game BattleForge enables DirectX 11 functions and promises smoother framerates along with  8 Jul 2010 This video file cannot be played. "The I think the jump is too great to actually show advantage of DX11 over DX10 cards (which most of us are using). Direct X 11 - Dx10 hardware compatable (Screenshots in OP)56kilorape. are there any games coming out that will use the dx11? i hope i made myself clear i didnt know how to word this. A mid range DX11 card would give you the same beautiful ultra high graphics as a high end DX10 card because tesselation is several times more efficient. Thats why I'm not rushing out and buying a DX11 card yet even when Nvidia releases their cards. It will be interesting to see how well DX10. ;) So, we are undoubtedly going to be awash with new, ~$500 GPUs in 6 months or so. I think I am going to still wait for nvidia's card unless I get really bored. if you have any links that could direct me to anything about these cards True. 1 but if i use a dx 11 graphics card like GT730 1GD5(asus) will my motherboard support? please reply. There are very few exceptions; it is possible to force ambient occlusion into Metro Redux using this method (a DX11 game), and it does improve image quality ever so slightly. That said, DX10 could do a lot of the things DX11 does. card Use “ Civilization VI” to launch the game, which will utilize Directx 11, and . if u spending 10k~ then i suggest go with the dx 11 Then we can get better frame rates and/or more detailed graphics on less powerful (cheaper) DX11 graphics cards. on them, DirectX is at the heart of the vast majority of games that run on Windows. MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 1GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4. looking at some youtube vids, a 8800gt could actually run it at 40-60 fps on low / 720p so yeah i guess it was playable, and that was a dx10 only card. Nvidia started supporting DX11 with the 400 series cards. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. but not all older graphics cards support DX11. Dx11 is only available on vista and windows 7, so there are not many games for it yet, but there will be in the future. The best game graphics wise was crysis which could be run in dx9 faster and look just as good as dx10. Not 100% sure in this case though (as sometimes they can run, depending on the calls), something to do with Dx11 tessellation and shader model 5, but you can try? ATI has had DX10. What that means is that there are many more DX11 cards out in the wild now than there were DX10 cards, and game developers have been coding their game engines based on AMD’s DX11 video card as whats your idea of "quite a bit" Realistically i'm hoping for about 80% faster on average. There are a few DX11 only features like tessellation that won't work on a dx10 card no matter what. I'm hoping Nvidia will release a new gpu that will justify upgrading from a 2XX card before another game comes out (that I want to play) that actually takes full advantage of DX11. I have both of them with everything turned up all the way (AA and vsync included) and still never drop below 60fps. News; Q+A: Nvidia and AMD talk up DX11 TechRadar is supported by its audience. yes now its possible to run dx11 game on dx10 graphics card. I'm pretty sure DX11 is backlwards compatible (in a sense) with DX10. cards) that can run new games very well , i've just seen a 8800 Ultra (a bit old DX10 card) running Battlefield 3 on Ultra, making the game only DX11 its useless. The two it crashes on are Crysis 2 and Saints Row: The Third. Currently, no. I have about 100 old games to play in my There would also likely be performance optimizations and stuff that'd need to be redone due to features not being supported in the DX10 API. just without dx11 features EDIT. 29 Jul 2015 We take a look at what the new gaming API has in store. I've started downloading Crysis 3 from Origin. That is 7 years ago. ( btw - Just Cause 2 is the first game I am aware of that was exclusive to one version of DX. When DirectX 10 games hit the streets, the new API gave users marginal improvements in image quality but also promises better performance-even if you don't have a DirectX 11 GPU. But the problem is that it's dx10 and I'm afraid that it won't be able to run the upcoming dx11 games. Still we’ll also need some good games that do take advantage of DX11 features and can use Tessellation to do things like the ones we see in the Unigine demo above and that could take some more time as we all played the same “game” not too long ago DX10. games i recommend jumping in to the new wourld of gtx cards, or heck, i got a gt 630 for less than 50$ new and that think is a dx11 card that can play most modern games on low settings. – Nzall Jan 9 '14 at 9:20 I am planning on reinstalling it, and I am wondering if I can uses a DX10 Graphics Card or DX11 Graphics Card. Besides that though DX11 is designed to be backwards compatible with dx10 hardware, so a game can have a dx11 mode that works on dx10 cards. More stuff they add, more bugs and problems there will be, that is just how coding works in practice. We play latest games with DX12 support and find out which is faster, DX12 or DX11? We use the latest drivers from NVIDIA and AMD to find any Full DX11 support is actually a combination of software (API) and hardware features of the graphics card. News; Q+A: Nvidia and AMD talk up DX11 Truth is that ATI cards are great in DX10 . By Cyril Kowaliski / 4:17 pm, November 13, 2009 Well most all DX11 games will run on DX10 cards, just in DX10 mode, if that’s So the big deal is DX 11 when there are barely even any games that use DX10? lol. It is much better to spend resources on Dx12 and/or Vulkan, though ofc first they can still hugely improve Dx11. um no dude, i play dx10 games too, and they really are just dx9 games with dx10 effects. lowspecgamer) My intel hd 3000 can still launch crysis 2 and play with the menu in dx11 mode, only to crash when I run 2 260 gtx maccore bfg cards in sli. Which is why I wont wait for 2nd gen cards before I buy. guide will view a graphics card as a means of playing the latest games, Owners of DX10-class hardware needn't panic that their graphics cards will  4 Dec 2017 Together with the graphics card in your Mac, these APIs determine the performance of these A game written with DirectX 10, for example, will usually run in a version of Why isn't DirectX 11 supported in Parallels Desktop? 1 May 2019 Users will encounter this error when trying to run games and other tool revealed that you have DirectX 10 runtime or newer and you GPU  23 Jun 2019 Epic Games said that Fortnite for PC will no longer support DirectX 10 need to have DirectX 11-capable graphics cards to continue playing  My gf card ain't a DX11 card like the rest 60% of all Steam users. Watching and playing a game is not really the same thing, these are not movies, they are games And there is a big reason too upgrade your graphics card, for the DX11 only games and soon to be DX12 only games. However, there are still a lot of relatively powerful video cards in the world that was deprived of DirectX 11 support – for example, the GeForce 200 line: its top representatives, GTX 280 and higher, without any problems, pull GTA 5 even in FHD. But we can fix all  What are the Best DirectX 9 only games? 8,658 Views · Can I play GTA V on DirectX 11? It says GTA V needs 100% DirectX 10, but can I still  Microsoft DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks The game used WinG, which crashed on Compaq Presarios that came . Learn more. Be sure to check with your card manufacture I bought a computer with a nVidia GeForce GTX 260 1. That's how you REALLY enjoy DX11. DX12 versus DX11 Gaming Performance Video Card Review. I also remember when Nvidia had the first DX10 card available, only to have microsoft come up with DX10. In this guide, we will see How to Run Latest Games on old DirectX10 GPU. Can someone tell me why the gtx2xx cards can NOT run DX11? I have googled for some time but no where can I find a legitimate, technical answer. See the red box labeled 1. I have to run all my games on DX10 right now since 9800 gtx doesn't support DX11. So yeah you can use the dx11 backend with a dx10 card in Dolphin, but like HawaiianPunch said at the moment dx9 backend is better. DLCs Our downloadable content (DLCs) are different from other games, as we partner with developers and publishers to bring their games into Tabletop Simulator. 1 since 2007 and ATI DX11 cards are rumored to arrive in September. Here is the DX11 demonstration http If I remember right, DX10 cards still worked with a lot of DX11 games they just don't troubleshoot DX10 problems for you. 1 and make the cards useless. I am not saying the 4XX cards suck at all, they just aren't really an improvement over a good 2XX card for games like Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, i. Both share quite a bit of code base, and supposedly you should get DX10 specific benefits in DX11 mode, only missing out on DX11-only features such as tesselation. Now here im confused the technology now has dx10 and games run dx10. no way DX10 cards will still be good for a while, until new consoles come out and developers truly start to utilize the new DX11 code on more games then DX10 cards are still good, DX9 though, DX9 should have died long ago, the only reason its still around is because the 360 uses a modified version of DX 9 and thats where the money is, but we 2) DX10 games will play in DX9 mode on XP with either a DX10 or DX9 card 3) DX10 games will play in a version of DX9 on Vista if you DONT have a DX10 capable card. e. Pretty much all games use direct x or openGL. Im surprised its taken Nvidia so long, AMD dropped support for DX10 at least 18 mths ago. However, a number of recent games that use DX11 are DX11 only. I have H61 m DS2 which is rated with dx 10. Unfortunately these tweaks only work in pre-DX10 games, the ambient occlusion probably only working in DX9 (and maybe a few OpenGL titles). I'm sorry, I just don't see anything here other than empty bragging rights. Nowdays you can just turn on twichstream and watch somone play the game- its teh same as if you would play just less stressfull. I know because I play other games with ATI no problem. in terms of DX11 games i don't know which games support now and if those cant be run on DX10 would be premature to talk . DX10 is vista. I don't know of many games that just offer a DX11 renderer for exactly the same stuff. 8GB. And since there is "clearly no big difference between DX10. Rendering mode: Jun 21, 2019 Fortnite won't support DirectX 10 graphics cards after this season. Fortnite players on PC who play on an older system will need to get with the times come Season 10. Hello, I'm not the most hardcore PC Gamer, but I've been trying to play some DX11 games and after a while, 5-10 minutes, my PC crashes. Hardware based tesselation is old hat so it's no surprise at all that PS4 supports it. 25 May 2018 Do I need a new DirectX 11-compatible graphics card for upgraded HP Probook 4520? You will have to use a workaround to run your game: 21 Jun 2019 Epic Games has just announced that Fortnite will soon require a GPU that supports DirectX 11 on Windows. will be of a bigger amount allowing old systems to play and enjoy this game! DirectX 10 and 11 tests can only be run on Windows Vista or later. Rumor is that DX11 for Vista and Windows 7 will be here in October. It's a good card that can get a lot done. 1 cards do with DX11. DX11 is still backwards compatible with DX9 and DX10, but to be able to use all the advanced features of DX11 such as tessellation and shader model 5, the hardware must be capable of those features. In today's Battlefield 1 benchmark, we're strictly looking at GPU performance using DirectX 12 and DirectX 11, including the recent RX 400 series, GTX 10 series, GTX 9 series, and RX 300 series GPUs. At QuakeCon, AMD shows DirectX 11 GPU in action It is so odd for people to complain about the arrival of DX11 cards just because DX10 isn’t prevalent. If you want to play Tom Clancy's The Division with an old DirectX 10 graphic card, you gonna need this patch: This patch makes all dx11 games launch with dx10 Now that it's confirmed no DX11 at release and we have to wait 2-4 weeks to get itI have a card that runs DX11 so in order to benefit of Dx10 features do I have to manually install DX10?!!! I personally think you should go with Dx 11 Cards in ATI if u read here in TE 5xxx cards have better architecture and better heat controls but yes they are expensive then 4xxx cards which already proven best in gaming . I guess that dx10 did not offer a ton of features over dx9 so there doesn't seem to be a lot of dx10 games available. That doesnt mean the AMD DX11 cards cant run DX10, like Ive said its backwardly compatible. As far as I know the only two features that DX10 cards will lack in DX11 games is the Tessellation, and Compute Shader ability. Just heads up for those planning to buy in the next few months. Edited June 19, 2009 by ShallowBay Since we're focusing on forcing ambient occlusion and supersampling into games, you need to use compatibility bits (save for DX8 games which don't need them). As you already know, one will need a DX11 capable graphics card in addition to the insane system requirements to be able to run Crysis 3. The death of DirectX. g. When I ran dxdiag I noticed that my 8500 GT card Graphic Cards: Any good DX11 games If you are sure that your system meets the criteria to support DirectX 10 or 11 graphics modes in games, but do not get prompted to enable it, and the option is "greyed out" in Options, you may be running one or more of the game files in "Compatibility Mode" and most likely for an operating system that does not support DX10/11 (e. Blacklight retribution PC exclusive is going to have DX11, for a free to play game this seems pretty fishy. I was surprised to see it run Modern Warfare 2 flawlessly of course with the settings tweaked. When you see “No valid DX11 video card found” error, it usually means your video card driver is corrupted, outdated or missing. And I think it's perfectly possible to install DX11 on a computer with a DX10 or DX9 GPU. Unlike DX10 which required either AMD 's ATI Radeon HD2000/3000/4000 series, or NVIDIA GeForce 8/9/200 series of DX10 gaming cards, DX11 can function on DX10 gaming cards as well, albeit not as fully as on DX11 gaming cards, which is the ATI Radeon HD5000 series, or NVIDIA GeForce 300 series (which isn't out yet). Companies can't hold the future of a game back because people can't upgrade really old hardware. DirectX 10 hardware could not support DirectX 11 games). Gameplay isnt affected, but the game world looks signficantly more "real", which adds to immersion I have a philosophical question for y'all. i have researched this card and it seems pretty good but i just wanted to know what advantages do DX11 cards have over the the DX10 cards as far as price or performance. Nonetheless, these tweaks are a Are games that require DX11 completely unplayable by cards that don't support DX11? Now, there are 3 big titles that use DX11 and are coming soon- Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition and, I assume, GTA 5. 1. While DX10 was mostly all about the eye-candy (it had very few performance enhancements), DX11 is focused on utilizing the GPU for additional, stream-lined processing. system requirements, we've kept support online for players with older graphics cards – so they could keep playing! After I closed, I went to run Firaxis Games released the biggest update to Sid on the same hardware versus running a game in DX10) AMD's latest driver also . 1, having moved it to Legacy already before Windows 8's release. All Nvidia's DX10 cards also got support for WDDM 1. Saying dx11 is nothing but a conspiracy to make you buy new cards is moronic. Any way to launch DX11 games on DX10 card? (self. What DX11 means for most games is enabling a bunch of features that are performance intensive, and so will reduce overall performance. battle filed 4 even runs decent on it with low settings. yes now its possible to run dx11 game on dx10 graphics card. in other titles. We've heard a lot about the performance element DirectX 12 brings to games at the hands of its two big architctural innovations: multi-threaded command buffer recording and asynchronous shaders. Ok , add DX11 , but add DX10 too. 1 cards. 1 shows off what games could have been like as the gains in fps that are shown on ati cards are around 20% but because nvidia could not get it working we all never seen the benefits. Both use DX11 and unlike most other DX11 games, you don't take a massive performance hit to enable the new features. 1 cards compatible with DX11. Anyway since it's free Ill try it out when it comes. as far as i know . DX10 & DX11 games Hi, My rig currently has a XFX Geforce 8500 GT video card installed on it. Play almost any tabletop game you can think of! Being a multiplayer-focused game, up to 10 players can play at any given time. "Can a game made for DX10 work on a PC loaded with DX11?" "Can a game made for DX10 work on a PC loaded with DX11?" don't worry about it and just play away DX9 and WinXP are likely to remain supported in games for at least the next one year. Windows XP was DX9, Vista is DX10 & Windows 7 is DX11 Your card can play games that require DX10 but you need to be useing Vista as your OS because XP only supports up to DX9c. Hi I just recently bought an nvidia gtx 470 video card to upgrade from my 9800 gtx. and everyone seems to miss the key point DX11 dosent require a DX11 gpu an 8800gtx will run DX11 games no issue for how long i can say but it will simple because DX11 is what DX10 was suppose to be and DX10 is a subset of DX11 therefore developers will SKIP DX10 simply because vista and win 7 have dx11 and any coding done for DX11 will run on Also, DX 10 cards can run the directX 11 dlls, but wont be able to use dx11 only features, which Dolphin doesn't have. Some DX11 games are in development for release in 2010. And testing continues But when I do fly to fly, I fly in DX9. Any top of the line card right before DX10 cards came out was a bad idea. I want to get a HD 4890. My new 470 can run DX11 so I It needs a DX11 card as a minimum requirement, a DX10 card will not be able to play the game, I'm afraid. The game was designed for Windows 98 and still runs like a god on Windows 7 (I have the 64-bit Version). Far Cry 4 however is pure Dx 11 only. same will probably happen for the most part with dx11, which is mainly due to multiplatform development for consoles and the majority of pc users still on xp, at least until there is a next generation of consoles with dx11 support and more start using win - Note that while many games that have DX11 effects available (either specified as DX11, or as the Very High. crysiscrysis 3crysis 2crysis 4crysis warheadcrysis 3 system requirementscrysis warscrysis maximum editioncrysis system requirementscrysis ok, every computer play, but this video card is a video card event what do you do bi games do not understand the system is low friends do not make bari all hungry video cards dx 11 do dx 10 make all friends play. last i tried it was ok fps just the shadows blinked in an out. But my main thing is FSX. TC Particles technically only requires 'DX11 level 10', which basically means DX10 on windows 7. Even on raids. they play in XP Sp3 compatibility windowed mode just to play games and then still They, more recently, had another big demonstration of the same principle for their DX10 cards (4800 series) that also should off tesselation, again before Microsoft standardized it in DX11. yea quite agree I avoid sli and crossfire like the plague, always seems to many driver issues for the first year of the cards compared to non paired ones, as my rig is a creaky 3 years old now i'm in the market for the next dx11 cards out, prefer Nvidia gear for the solid drivers but will go with my budget around xmas (£350 ish) to Is investing in a DirectX11 graphics card really worth it? but unless you're wanting to play some DX11 capable games then I would buy something more powerful, but perhaps last generation. Typically cards that come out on the verge of a new DX lose value / ability to play games way quicker than cards that support the new DX standard. Overall, there can be I think the jump is too great to actually show advantage of DX11 over DX10 cards (which most of us are using). You will most likely still be able to play those games anyway, just not with settings that are DX11 only. 64 bit My graphics card has Directx 12 and can run other Directx 11 games like shadow of   Many hardcore retro gamers try to play most of their games on the original . 1 gpu and low end pc 2018 2. As for Nvidia, usual story with them, wait for AMD then release something faster lol. where DX11 will in fact work on DX10 cards. 0 game. Most games only used Tesselation with a on/off toggle. Does anyone foresee a Fallout 4 (DX10 Support) - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Talk: I know this has probably been brought up on numerous sites including this one (I do apologize for not searching through existing topics; I just figured itd be better to get a new thread going in terms of brain storming and actual mod development) From a technical standpoint and the current capabilities we have with modifying Fallout 4 i was looking at buying a XFX ATI Radeon 4850 1GB 256-bit for $120 but was hoping there would be a signifigant price drop once the DX11 cards come out. Up next Top 18 high Graphic games for dx10, dx10. And DX11 as well. so does that mean that card will only ever support Direct X 10 or is it a simple matter of waiting for them to update the drivers for it? TechRadar is supported by its audience. But it is possible for Nvidia to release a driver down the line that will make DX10. This is completely wrong. If you go back to the DX10 generation, Battlefield Hardline can be run on a GTX 260, but a driver version check results in the game refusing to run on the HD 4870. and it says it only support direct x 10. Somebody once told me that that was also because MW2 is a DX9. There is nothing I cant play at full whack at the moment and I am not a fan of DIRT so I wont miss out on DX11 there. Now the card would be able to play a dx11 game if it has dx10  26 Jul 2018 Graphic card issues can be a serious problem, especially when you are going to run games or graphic packages like Adobe. Then I read the system requirements which explicitly says that the game requires DX11. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said that the Crysis 3 is planned to be DX11 only, destroying the hopes of people running DX10 video cards who had previously expected Crysis 3 to run on a DX11 renderer but still support DX10 just like Crysis 2. Only on DX11 games. DX10 cards are 2008 and older cards. the how to play DX 11 games on DX10/DX9 graphics card a suggested video will automatically play next. There are many great DX10 cards (like the GTX2xx , 88xx , HD48xx , HD38xx . But long before I got my DX10 Graphics Card, my Disk Drive stopped working, and I never got a new one, so I was unable to play the DX11 mode only allows it with leader quality set to high (The option to turn on leader AA is actually the option that breaks AA entirely in 11 mode on some DX10-level cards) Mostly it's nVidia cards that have this issue -- DX10. Again, time to upgrade. Most games come with multiple Dx modes. how to play dx11 games on dx10 cards